Avengers endgame review, cast, characters and trailer

Avengers endgame review, cast, characters and trailer

Avengers endgame review, cast, characters and trailer.

Avengers endgame review, cast, characters and trailer

Avengers endgame cast

1)Scarlette johansson
2)Robert downey jr
3)Chris evans
4)Chris Hemsworth
5)Mark buffalo
6)Jeremy Renner
7)Brie larsson
8)Paul rudd
9)Chris patt
10)Elizabeth olsen
11)Chadwick boseman
12)Bradley cooper
13)Tom holland
14)Danand Guirira
15)Zoe saldana
16)Benedict Cumberbatch
17)Tom hiddleston

Avengers Endgame Review
  11 years 22 films untold number of beloved characters more movies in the pipeline and the Russo brothers told us it would all end here in fact they were so confident of doing that they even put the word end in the title but at the same time it can't be an ending can it because there are loads more MCU movies to do some of them will star some of these characters some of them are about these characters so at the same time it needs to be an ending yes but it also has to be this grand new beginning so the question going in for all of us was how the hell do you do that and well if you are the Russo brothers.

The Avengers Endgame Trailer

 I can't confirm your solution is to take the million or so ideas you will have had about how to bridge infinity war to face for and do all of them in the same film alright so first things first you cannot talk about this movie in isolation as much as I would love to you have to talk about it in the context of infinity Worf he cast your minds back years and years and years and years it was originally pitched by Marvel as infinity War part 2 until he went nan and adds not actually gonna be that's gonna be something else entirely buts well it kind of is.

 The important thing to note about infinity war was that it was a genuinely groundbreaking cinematic experience but it was only that because it got to cheat it didn't have to play by the rules established by other superhero films. The superhero genre altogether or even the MCU had got to throw them all out the window and do whatever the hell it wanted.They got to walk into a pitch meeting and say you know you've just spent millions of dollars on getting spider-man back in fold well we want to send millions of children home crying by having him disintegrate into dust in Tony Stark's arms they got to do that that's the kind of thing you can only get away with in a part one, you can throw all the rules of an ending out of the window you can have the good guys lose you can have the villain be easily the most compelling character on screen you can have a sad overwhelmingly sad ending that throws the future of your entire franchise into question like before I get into the real meat and drink of this review we're talking about the story in all that really interesting stuff.

Avengers Endgame Box Office

2.8 Billion USD
(Became the highest grossing movie of all time)

 I just need you to appreciate the scale of that problem endgame needed to wrap up this rule-breaking film but at the same time by bringing back in all of the conventional rules how to have the good guys win you have to shift the focus all the way back on to them it how leave the fate of the franchise considerably clearer all the things that infinity more did not have to do and was much better for as a result endgame had to do while still improving on that I know I'm labeling this point massively but you'll you'll see why later right it's all it's all very clever all right you'll just you'll see all right so Avengers endgame the story what have we got it has been mere days we think based on Tony Stark's log from when Thanos snapped his fingers and half of the universe exactly as he promised disintegrated into dust it's all still very fresh it's also very traumatic nobody really knows what to do with themselves The Avengers or what's left of them anyway are frantically searching for a solution while Tony and nebula are slowly withering away in space they're certainly gonna die and then Captain Marvel appears out of nowhere and brings them back to earth yes that scene in the end of Captain Marvel where she meets them all for the first time wasn't in this it is admittedly very rushed all of this but it does at least give you the sense that they're just trying to get out of the way before doing the proper story so it's all it's all very forgivable we get people show that powers off and there's just this this wither down broken thousands it still feels like the end of infinitely war and you just kind of wait with the getting the start of endgame and bang then we do there is a five-year time job yes the time job we had all speculated about so with the world still struggling to move on you've got Captain America doing a support group for people while Black Widow seems to be trying to manage the fate of the universe with her crack team of superheroes they devised another plan ant-man returns from the quantum realm tells him that time hasn't passed the same there as it has here and maybe they could go back and fix it Tony refuses their offers to help he says he doesn't want anything to do with that because what he done while have all been away in the last five years,he settled down with pepper and he's had his child the snap was horrible it has been horrible and horrible and horrible forbid Gillian's of people but Tony Stark that's it set him free or at least it appeared to have set him free as we all know Tony Stark has this addiction to being Iron Man.

Avengers Endgame movie

 We've covered it in other videos we've talked about it at length he cannot stop himself playing the hero he needs to rescue everybody he needs to be the suit of armor around the world and lo and behold he cracked the time-travel problem joins up with his old pals and they devise a new plan and it's quite a clever one in fairness because Thanos has raised the stones from existence in the present they need to go back to various point in all of their pasts to find them again now could spend hours and hours and hours and hours talking to you about what happens here in the various different things but I will say that they're all quite good in their own right.The New York one especially because you get to see Loki again even though he disappears and that's kind of all left a bit open you get to see Hulk and the ancient one having a great conversation about well pretty much the plot of the film and whether or not it makes sense plus you get Captain America fighting Captain America and two of the best one-liners delivered in the film I won't ruin them for you here from there though things start to go wrong because nebulas there and all of a sudden there's two nebulas and Thanos can sort of see into both nebulas at the same time when he learns of what's happening in the future and that plan now and I thought gets him back involved in the past even though I was trying to mess with the present it's a time travel movie alright so all of this it's very confusing but the film I will say does its best to make sense of all the various paradoxes it is creating now sometimes it does that by explaining them away with very good science and sometimes it just does it by recognizing that you will have noticed as a problem and going now don't worry about that which is enough allows God we get a cameo of sorts from Natalie Portman and Thor whose character is very weird and all of this meets his mother again and then on vara Mia we get not and Clint and this is the two main problems.

 I have with the film Thor and the scene on vara Mia the film is just you'll get my impressions of it in a bit it's it's really good,okay but there are two huge glaring issues for me first off is the character of Thor now a lot of people said they overpowered him massively in Thor Ragnarok he basically became one of the supreme beings in the universe and then infinity war they have to sort of make a bit of a joke out of him take him out of the equation for a while players character more for laughs in a far more serious film and then only have him at the end where he just makes a bad decision and that's that's kind of him taken care of in endgame though he is racked with the guilt of having missed that shot at the end of infinity war he should have gone for the head Thanos taunts him with it and even though he's killed Thanos himself in the present he still looks at all these but Gillian's of dead people and thinks it could have been him and as such he's gone and set up new as god on earth where he's the supposed king of this realm but in fact he is just now a fat lazy slob he is the big lebowski they even do that gag in the film he's wearing a robe and he's got a massive gut and he just wants to play fortnight with Corgan meek which was admittedly quite good but they're just it's the PTSD stuff for me because Marvel have done such a good job of using that as part of Tony Stark's character I remember from the Battle of New York he was having panic attacks he was wracked with the guilt and the pressure and the stress of it all and it made him a vulnerable relatable character now they're doing the exact same thing with Thor he he can't handle everything that's happened and it is breaking him down as a person but here it's played for laughs I might actually do like an entire video just discussing this but the quick thing to compare and contrast is the Iron Man scene where Tony Stark started to have a panic attack and he gets in the suit it's scanning him mind and body and say boss you're having a panic attack and he's like what me but I'm such a strong character.

 I am a leader I am a hero and it makes him vulnerable it makes him relatable it's a great way to tackle all that mental health stuff and then this one the exact same thing happens to Thor e starts to have a panic attack and rocket just goes snap out of it pull yourself together and it's just it's a funny scene like if that's how you want to do that fine but you can't be doing all that and then do that that's very inconsistent and sends a bad message that being said though I expect the Thor thing to be quite divisive I already know some people who thought was brilliant what they did with the character making him this slob who's funny and can still fight obviously but is still just a bit of a joke but the one thing I think most people are gonna criticize about this film is the death of Natasha Romanov her and Clint are sent to Boromir to retrieve the soul stone and we've seen that exact scene with Gomorrah and Thanos and it's a bit confusing how they do we don't really know if they're there and they know what they're supposed to do even though rocket kind of plays it off there's a bit of a gag when they're leaving but they get there and one of them has to die and then they fight over who has to be the one to die and in the end not make the supreme sacrifice and then they just move on that's that's it it's literally just a couple of minutes and they leave it down there they play the exact same music is when Gamora died and that's it anyway though after that they do get the soul stole and that everybody else has reassembled all of their stones including Tony and Carmen go even further back to 1970 which is a really nice scene in itself and they all reconverge for what will be the final act of the movie they get the golan together Hulk snaps his fingers and brings everyone back to life yay they think and then no boom Thanos blows them all up and from this blowing up of everybody we get one of the most visually stunning compelling grandiose large-scale bombastic unbelievable I am running out of words action sequences ever committed to cinema it is a genuine sight to behold this all the heroes come back and it's just fan moment after fan moment after fan moment after fan moment you get Valerie riding in on a Pegasus thing it's not actually a Pegasus he gets spider-man discovering his suit has instant kill mode you get falcon double lansing somebody with his wings you get giant man you get Thanos trying ahead but marvel and just getting absolutely no sold on it it's just all wow and then well if you've seen this bit you don't really need me to talk about it and if you haven't I'd rather you just saw it than listen to me because I will not do it justice we get Captain America picking up Thor's hammer the pop that got in my cinema was if I could bottle that moment I never ever open it again because it would just be too precious now there's all sound ridiculous it's because but because it is like the size of it the scale of it the set-pieces the enormity of the size of Thanos army versus all the heroes of the MCU and their work and and tribes and all the sorcerers and pretty much every other body they could pull from somewhere it is absurd and that is where the comparisons to infinity war have to really start because the fight scenes there were largely small even the Battle of Wakanda felt intimate the stakes were high there was threat they didn't play much of it off for Laughs by normal MCU standards and you didn't really know what was gonna happen and looks your heart was on the line with every single punch with every single kick with every single spell whereas here it's just big now hey that might just be me and if you tell me that's not you I would completely completely agree with you who's just a bit of nuance lacking that I really really missed from infinity war and maybe that's unfair of me maybe it's impossible to recreate that knowing how they have to end this thing but there you go it's just how I felt and then the ending which is more perfect in fact you know what it is I can't even commit Tony Stark dying finally completing his Ironman journey to this review because it's not it's not a reviewable element of a film the Russos whole idea behind this is clearly to ask you as a fan how much have you put in emotionally to the MCU and if you say everything they go okay have it all back here is everything you want and if you say well not a lot but I kind of like it they go well okay here's a film you're kind of like and the death of Ironman at the end is the pinnacle of this I was so moved by it and it felt so perfect because I've invested so much in that character if you haven't you'll not get the same thing out of it the film itself is based around this premise of giving back to the fans in this wonderful messy chaotic way and if well if you have that it will Tony Stark's Iron Man addiction is finally the thing that kills him and Pepper Potts doesn't say I love you or I'll miss you.

Tony doesn't use any of those old cliche words she just says you can rest now and that was just the most perfect way to do it, well done and then in a very Lord of the Rings  the ending upon Steve goes to return all the stones back to the pasture kind of cut off all the little time loops and paradoxes and doesn't return and you're like err where's he gone he's sitting on the bench having grown old with Peggy Carla instead of coming back in time,
Avengers endgame review, cast, characters and trailer

 It was a lifetime for him, it was five seconds for us and again it felt a little rush but you can't deny that it was the perfect send-off for that character and indeed a brave new chapter for the MCU as he hands off the shield to Falcon it's a triumph at the end of the day might not work in some part other things could have been done slightly better. 

Hence I would personally have rewritten things this way and that way but overall what else can you say it was 11 years it was 22 films the grandest cinematic project ever undertaken, no one will ever attempt to do anything like this ever again they started with nothing they threw the original Iron Man film at the wall and just wanted to see if it would stick they took a washed-up actor and Robert Downey jr. stuck him on a not popular superhero for the time, by the way nobody in my playground was running around pretending to be Iron Man and somehow 11 years later birthed, the biggest superhero saga ever told the biggest cinematic saga ever told it is whatever you want to say about this bill however when he stars you would give it a triumph but as ever I'm far more interested to know what you make of all of this so shout it out in the comments below and of course don't forget to share.

Rotten Tomatoes:94%

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