Candyman 2020: Everything We Know So Far about the movie

Candyman 2020: Everything We Know So Far about the movie

Candyman 2020: Everything We Know So Far About the movie

Candyman 2020: Everything We Know So Far about the movie

The cult classic horror franchise Candyman returns in 2020 with the Jordan Peele produced Nia Dacosta directed movie. Having just dropped its first teaser trailer starring Yehia Abdullah Mateen the second Tiana Paris an original franchise, star Tony Todd Candyman is slated for release on June 12 originally rumored to be a remake it's now being called a spiritual sequel to the 1992 original Candyman.

Candyman Cast

  1. Tony Todd
  2. Virginia Madsen
  3. Bernard Rose
  4. Vanessa Estelle Williams
  5. Xander Berkeley
  6. Kasi Lemmons
  7. Michael Culkin
Here's what we know so far when the idea of revisiting Candyman was first floated. It was assumed that the new version would be a straight remake even by original star Tony Todd, the actor went so far as to give his blessing to the new crew and say his goodbyes to Candyman on Twitter, it turns out rumors of a new actor wielding the honey-coated hook was premature peel and Acosta are positioning the new movie as a direct sequel to the 1992 film star Abdullah, the second is playing grown-up Anthony McCoy the baby kidnapped and used as bait by CandyMan in the original film original star Vanessa Williams also reprises her role of Anthony's mother and marine McCoy at the end of the 1992 CandyMan. 

Candyman Plot.

Helen Lyle the graduate student studying urban legends who revives the ghostly killer dies from burn she receives when Candyman attempts to emulate the residents of the Cabrini Green public housing project where the film is set the final scene shows her distraught husband Trevor saying her name five times in front of a mirror inviting a scarred Helen to appear and murder him with a hook. Although Madsen is not returning for the sequel the character of Helen Lyle is this time played by Cassie Kramer Oisin apparition were the events at the end of the original, some kind of strange dream sequence or will the new film incorporate flashbacks to the Past. We'll have to wait and see the ending of the original played on a key theme in the work of author Clive Barker that of the protagonist becoming the thing they are running from or tracking down as the film ends with Helen literally becoming a new kandi woman. The new trailer seems to hint that Candyman has upped his game a bit rather than appear as a physical being, he seems to exist only in reflections and shadows and judging from the shot where Abdullah Mateen sees himself as Candyman in a mirror. Anthony McCoy doesn't appear to become a Candyman surrogate like Helen but actually the man himself the final building of what once comprised the Cabrini-green housing project on Chicago's North Side was demolished in 2011 sandwiched between two wealthy Chicago neighborhoods.

 Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast Cabrini Green has always butted up against the encroaching gentrification the attempt to pave over a dark past with trendy cafes and art galleries seem to be the main theme for the new film which takes place in a now gentrified neighborhood where Cabrini Green once stood. Peale has been very upfront about maintaining the tension of race and class in the new film.  The original Candyman film was a landmark film for black representation in the horror genre he said in a statement released after the film was announced alongside Night of the Living Dead.
Candyman was a major inspiration for me as a filmmaker and to have a bold new talent like me at the helm of this project is truly exciting we are honored to bring this next chapter in the Candyman can into life and eager to provide new audiences with an entry point to Clive Barker's legend Ian Cooper creative director at Jordan peels production company Makeba has hinted that entitled fandoms will be another subtle threat in the new story speaking to deadlines. Cooper said we talked a lot about fans and the idea of appeasing fans and when to do that and how to do that and when to not do that I think my issue with fandoms is that it's really problematic it's probably the most problematic thing facing the genre he went on to indicate how this may come into play in Candyman. I think what we're trying to do with Candyman is both be mischievous and how we address the relationship to the first film but also be very satisfying like the use of a modified version of the loonies. I got five on it in us one of the best parts of the new teaser as indicated by the say my name hashtag trending on Twitter minutes after it dropped was the way Destiny's Child's 1999 hit say my name was remixed with composer Philip Glass's original score for the first Candyman.

 Glass released a new recording of the Candyman score in 2016 but it's unlikely the 83-year-old will have an active role in the new film producer Michael Werner mass is credited as providing the trailers music and will likely be involved in remixed in at least parts of glasses for inclusions in the new film as a child in Liverpool England. The four-year-old son to be horror author Barker was given some kindly words of advice by his dear sweet old Nana that would stay with him for the rest of his life, my grandmother warned me I remember about going into public toilets because there were men who went around in public toilets and cut the genitals off little boys this was difficult for a four-year-old to take in Barker recalls in the making of a documentary sweets to the sweet it terrified the Wits out of me. That was the origin of Candyman. If you want to know the Candyman legend check this Candyman wiki posts.

 Candyman would take the lead in Barker's 1984 short story the forbidden which would, in turn, inspire screenwriter Bernard Rose to take the story of a hook-handed urban legend haunting a rundown housing estate in downtrodden industrial 1970s Liverpool and reset within the walls of the equally troubled Cabrini-green Housing project outside Chicago in the 1990s. The original publication in a collection called books of blood featured haunting illustrations from artist Jon Stewart which appeared to get a visual shout-out via some of the graffiti glimpsed in the new trailer Candyman wasn't a monster box-office success in 1992 it made about 25 point eight million in its domestic release but it did well enough to earn a theatrical release sequel in 1995 s. Candyman farewell to the flesh which only grows thirteen point nine million the final entry was a forgettable 1999 straight to video installment called Candyman day of the dead despite that the original film which stands at 75 percent on the tomato meter and the character himself has become iconic in their own right so while the new film could easily BEST the box-office performance of its predecessor it will still have to pass muster with the door and horror buffs who may be prone to the new project with at best cautious optimism Candyman releases on July 12, 2020.

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