The Secrets We Keep (2020)

The Secrets We Keep (2020)

The Secrets We Keep (2020) Opens Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020
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The secret we keep plot

In post-World War II America, a woman, rebuilding her life within the suburbs together with her husband, kidnaps her neighbor and seeks vengeance for the heinous war crimes she believes he committed against her.

The Secrets We Keep (2020)

The secret we keep the review, cast, release date, and trailer

hello everyone it's Movies reviewer here and I'm here to review the secrets we keep movie and this is a thriller from bleecker street.

 Directed by yaval adler, starring numera pace, Joel Kinnaman and Chris Messina and this film takes place after world war ii and focuses on a woman who is an immigrant from eastern Europe who is living here in America with her husband. She is a doctor and trying to live her life and then all of a sudden a man who she believes is from her past pops up in her town and she goes to great lengths to try to confront this past and Bleeker street is a very quality film production company and I was lucky enough to get the screener of this beforehand and this film feels very much like an old school kind of thriller.

 It really has that feel of like classy kind of cinema that bleeker street is known for and i was excited to check this out. I'm a huge fan of numerous pace not a huge fan of Joel Kinnaman. So i was interested to see how it went and Adler's direction is full of attention and full of suspense. There are particular scenes that had me really on edge as this woman captures this man who she believes to have been a nazi and you find out as this film goes on certain things from her past through flashbacks and it really challenges you as an audience to think. 

Makes you think what would you do and how far would you go to get retribution for something horrible that happened to you and your family and new mover pace's character really captures that because you're watching her do these things that from what you can tell. She would never do normally and she pushes beyond those boundaries to try to get retribution against Joel Kinnaman's character which on a side note why to hire Joel Kinnaman to play a german guy, put on this accent this whole entire thing when he could just get a german actor and why Joel Kinnaman. However he does a fine job in this film, he does his job. I felt like it could have been better with a stronger actor in that role but numero pace and Chris Messina who plays her husband do great and numero pace. They really carries this film as she's the emotional anchor of the film as you follow her trials of revenge and as she's really trying to figure out, is this the man that i think this is and she does horrible things and it challenges you as an audience to think am i still going to support her through all of this?

 This film really does ask that question and there are tense moments. There are also some violent moments but the new mirror pace has some terrific terrifically acted moments throughout this film and she really is a great anchor to this film and Chris Messina has his moments as well as. Her husband and they're trying to hide it from their son and the Christmas scene his character the husband's having this moral dilemma inside himself.

Should I support my wife or do I tell someone and you really get that fleshed out in so many characters in this movie where it's like you're challenged morally throughout this film and each dilemma is presented very well. The story like you've probably seen a story like this before and from a story perspective. I don't think this film is going to really surprise you a whole entire lot but the tension is there the themes are strong and the moral questions that this film asks really drive the film and numerous pace gives a really strong performance and you've all adler gives some really crisp and strong direction  From a visual palette it's a very classy it captures that suburban moment of time right after world war ii and then you have this dark secret underneath the surface boiling there and i think it's a really intriguing way of utilizing that setting

 From a cinematography perspective, it's a really well shot beautiful looking film and in the end, I think the secrets we keep is a really well-done quality thriller drama that I think is worth checking out.I'm really glad I got a chance to check it out beforehand and talk to you all about it but those are my thoughts on the secrets we keep let me know what you think and thank you as always for tuning in and supporting your Movies reviewer.

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